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This is lead investigator and founder of the NVGH Andrew and his paranormal expierences that drew him into pursuing paranormal investigating.

One halloween way back when i was about 13, my friend and I were dared to stay at a graveyard all night long. for  a while everything was ok as me and my friend jus ate candy and talked about how creepy it say it was somewhere around 2am wen we heard a loud bang coming from the fenced in graves..we went to go see what had caused the noise, and found that our flashlight that we had on one of the stones was broken, and we looked at each, than we looked all around to see who couldve knocked it off and saw no one around, also there was no wind....strange we thought but we kept the dare and we stayed there....nothing else happened until about 430am when i suddenly awoke to a strange voice repeating the words "who is this"...i freaked and woke up my friend then we took off....and ive been intrested ever since....
Also, my grandpa whom i greatly admired, died when i was around 11 and once i started getting into ghost hunting when i turned 13 i tried to communicate with him on several occasions using audio and video recorders, for about a year i got nothing no word from him that he was even watching over me...until one night when i had just turned 15, i sat down on my bed to plug in my ipod into its charger, and it wouldnt charge, over and over again i tried but it wouldnt charge...suddenly my grandpa fixing things for me crossed my mind and suddenly my light went off from behind me, and i wouldnt have thought anything of this if i hadnt heard the sound of the switch come down, i paused a moment and looked back over at my ipod to find it charging properly... 

email me with personal stories of your own, they will be heard i promise!