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This is the page everyone has been waiting for and is also are most viewed page on the website!, these links are some actual audio and video evidence clips that we have caught during our investigations, to find out when and where these clips were taken look onto the NVGH investigations page



Leave us ALONE

appartion short+better


no wait

My house was





Before you look at these clips, understand that space is limited on our website and that old less popular clips will be deleted if necessary, also the audio evp clips are going to be in the range from obvious-to barely audible, for the most part, you will have to listen to most of these clips several times, and with your volume up pretty much all the way, to hear thing we can say is if your getting frustrated from not being able to hear them just listen closely try to keep the area you're in extremely quiet and keep your volume up..the more you listen to these clips the more you will start to hear them....
Level 1= obvious
Level 2= audible
Level 3= semi-audible
Level 4= faint
Level 5= very faint
Audio Evidence
1. Level 4: Extremely low, almost Demonic voice saying "alone"..listen closely and carefully while the car goes by
2. Level 4: Another very difficult one to hear make sure you listen real closely..we asked this spirit if it needed to tell anything to us....mans voice saying, "hi" or "hide"
3. Level 3: This farm/hobo house spirit wuznt to hear a muffled, almost electirfied voice saying  "leave us..." and then it seems to intensify with "ALONE!"
4. Level 2: you will hear andrew speak then right after he speaks you will hear "no wait" by a voice that was definetly not andrew or anyone else there at the time
5. Level 5: Another very difficult one to hear, Andrew asks the question What building was here..turn your volume up and you should here..."my house was"...most people who hear this evp start by just hearing the end part of what this spirit is saying, which is "was"
6. Level 3: Part of this is easier to hear then the other, most people who listen to this clip for the first time will probably just hear "chris"...but if you listen closely after he talks you can hear "ahh"
7. Level 1: This clip is pretty self explanatory, sounds like a womans voice probably saying "uhuh" now, it is difficult to make out what she is saying exactly, but you can hear her saying something. 
8. Level 1: This clip was taken nearly 20 seconds after "uhuh" was heard it sounds like a woman saying "justin" the name of our Lieutenent Investigator.
9. Level 2: You should hear 1-2 woman's voices and a man's voice. This conversation lasted nearly a minute, though all was not recorded onto our site, the part that you can hear the best is on this clip. 
Video Evidence
1.(apparition short and better)***TOP RATED EVIDENCE*** this is a short actual video clip from the woods around the hobo house....didnt see it at the time but found it when we played back the video, you should see what looks like a bright white figure, possibly a farmer or civil war soldier...
2. (appartion longer) same clip as number 1 just different angle and a little longer, you can hear what we were saying might have affected this spirit to show itself....

surprised?...skeptical?...doubtful? your thoughts to us!