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The Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers! / NVGH

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Are you having troubles with paranormal anamolies in your home? If so or you know of anyone who may need help, feel free to contact us through email, phone, or aim
*note* this is only for people who seriously believe their property is in the presence of Paranormal Activity

You have basically 3 main choices with dealing with unwanted paranormal anamolies in your home..
1. The first option is of course, Contact us or any other Paranormal investigating team and ask for an investigation, for instance our team operates with not only investigating property, but helping those who need help with paranormal problems on their property and by investigating we can tell you for sure if you have a paranormal problem and if you do, we will try to help you in any way we can if it is not wanted.
2. The second option you have is, especially if you do not want this entity on your property, is a priest blessing on the house and/or just stand up for yourself and you family, gather up your courage and take back your home and tell the entity (verbally or mentally) that this is your home and you will not allow it to take it from you...this has been very sucessful in many cases dealing with ghosts worldwide...the spirits that are evil feed off fear and if you do not give them that fear then they can not exist in your home...
3. And a third method is,  getting in touch with a local or reknown pyschic (but be careful who you choose) or Medium that can help tell you why a spirit is on your property and what its intentions are.
cell: 7038221260