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The Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers! / NVGH

The Gear we need
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The equipment we need....
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this section will describe what we still need and its approximate cost

Major Priority Equipment
stationary infrared cameras (3 or 4)                 $40-100
Thermal Imaging Camera                            $3000-6000
digital emf detector                                      $100-130
Minor Priority Equipment
digital audio recorders(2 or 3)                         $40-125
tape recorders(2)                                           $25-40
infrared thermometers(1 or 2)                          $50-300
Hi8 Digital Video                                          $200-300
Equipment that will always be needed
Powerful Flashlights                                       $10-100
Night Vision (illuminators, and binoculars)        $30-800             

help us get our equipment..tell your friends about the site!