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This Page deals with our official group opinion on if we believe the places we have investigated are haunted or not

A brief overview of the way we rank places and what each rank really means
We rank places of potential hauntings for our official group opinion on several different levels. The first level is No Activity, if this is true of a case, then we have basically no evidence, or personal expierences to back up any type of paranormal activity. The second level is suspcious activity, if this is true of a case, then we as a group believe that the place has potential for paranormal activity, though we most definetly can't say it is haunted at this level, we can say there could be activity but an addtional investigation may be needed in this case. The third level is Paranormally Active, a case that posseses this status, has many personal expierences and some reasonable evidence, though we do not consider this to be a haunting either, it defiently should be looked into and most definetly has the potential to be a haunted location. The fourth and final level is Haunted, obviously if a case reiceves this status is taken very seriously and is backed up by great evidence and proportional personal expierences, this is incredibly rare, and most sought after level, but not one case has yet to be classified as haunted
Investigation                                          Level of Activity
Ashland Woods                                            No Activity
Hobo/Farm House                                 Paranormally Active
Assateague Cemetary                             Suspicous Activity      
Weems-Botts Museum                          Paranormally Active
Bunnyman's Bridge                                Paranormally Active

Do you have an opinion on these places? it to us!