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The Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers! / NVGH

Case Files and Possibilties
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Cases of the past, present and future
So, Is it Haunted?
Actual evidence you can see and hear!
NVGH Investigations
The equipment we need....
Equipment that we have...
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Cases we've done, cases were doing, and cases we might do

Past Cases:
Ashland Woods(NVGH)
Assateague Cemetary(NVGH)
Farm/Hobo House(NVGH)
Assateague Cemetary 2(NVGH)
Farm/Hobo House 2(NVGH)
Farm/Hobo House 3(NVGH)
Weems-Botts Musuem(NVGH)
Woodbridge Private Residence(NVGH)
Present Case
Bunnyman's Bridge(NOVA GT)
Possible/Future Cases
Witches Pond
Weems-Botts Musuem 2
Bull Run Battlefield
Farm/Hobo House (Training)
Rippon Lodge
Forestdale Private Residence

got cases? email us if you think its worth it :)