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The Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers! / NVGH

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this page will tell just what it says, what gear we have


2 shakeable charging flashlights

2 large lantern flashlight

1 head lamp flashlight

1 IR illuminator (coming soon)


1 Non-contact IR thermometer

1 stationary digital thermometer


1 cellsensor emf detector


2 analog portable tape recorders

1 sound recorder box

2 digital audio recorders (one of which not owned by NVGH)


1 older sony handycam(analog/8mm tape)

2 wireless surveillance cameras (coming soon!)

1 infrared swann wired security camera(cabled surveillance,VHS)

1 Panasonic Mini-DV(analog/tape, but can be transferred onto a DVD)

1 Sony Hi8(analog/8mm tape) (only available on some NVGH investigations, not owned by the NVGH)

Still Cameras:

1 vivtar digital camera

disposable cameras

as you can see we dont have much so why not pitch in and join today!