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Hello and welcome to the Official site of The Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers!, This site is dedicated for; all people in need of help with paranormal in their home, serious paranormal investigators, and/or people who would like to learn how to investigate the paranormal!
**Important Contact Information**
**NEW** Official NOVA GT Email Address':
Official NOVA GT Aim SN:

Our Mission

NOVA GT was founded by Andrew, Ken, Chris, Anthony and David on June 13, 2008. Our site and our group's purpose is to help recruit members to our group, and also to assist and inform people that need help with seeing if there property has paranormal activity present.
We are in the buisness of helping people voluntarily, so if you need help just send us an email and we will set up the date and time. Worried about the whole world knowing this? You can request a confidential investigation which will not be posted in any way on our site.
The ways to get in touch with us...
1. Aim:     II NVGH II
3. phone: (email to recieve).....
So, if you are in need of assistance or want any information about us

Becoming a Member

It is very easy and simple to become a member of NOVA GT,
1. Simply send us an email stating your reasons for becoming a member 
2. You need to live in the Northern Virginia area obviously (unless you are looking to help us book cases in other areas with your membership)
3. Preferably, we are currently looking for girls and guys between the ages of 16-25
4. And then if you are approved by the lead investigators, then you become a "investigator in training"
5. Then after you've gone on a case or two (when the lead investigators believe your ready) will become a investigator
6. And the lead investigators will decide if you can move up to lieutenent investigator after long term membership....
Our Past Seasons (NVGH)
The Season of 2005 was just the beginning, during this season the NVGH was founded and our first investigation to the Ashland Woods was done in December.
The Season of 2006 was our real first year. Our epuipment was standard, but functional. Our team couldn't have been better and we had lots of new memberships. We accomplished mostly inside-the-neighborhood type cases, however, the end of the season brought us paranormal at its best, with the Weems-Botts Museum case and our stunning Hobo house case series.
The Season of 2007 was looking up. Our eqiupment inventory was growing and new types of equipment were being bought and looked into. Our membership was about the same as 2006, but we still needed a lead investigator and always more regular investigators. Few investigations were accomplished and sadly, the season ended with the breakup of the team and lost morale in paranormal research, but yet the tradition would continue.
The Season of 2008 is NOVA GT's rookie season and it promises to be a great one, with the start of the season at Bunnyman's bridge in Fairfax, a sparked interested has ignited the group to continue in their efforts. (To be continued..)

Founder and Lead investigator, Andrew Patchan


Recent News
Wow! Hey everyone its been a reallyyyyyyyy long time since ive updated the site, for awhile the NVGH fell apart, but now Andrew and a few remaining NVGH members have transformed with some new members into NOVA GT or (Northern Virginia Ghost Trackers) this new group promises to be better than ever, containing older, more expierenced investigators, more equipment and most of all, more investigations!!
The site will be under construction in the next few days as we transform the site into our new group, new investigation evidence, equipment lists and all else will be added so check the sites for new updates!!
Old News

Check out our new live NVGH chatroom that is available for free use to all who have questions or issues with the paranormal!
 Our 2007 season of Ghost Hunting has started to turn on the bright side with possible new memberships and more cases this summer to look forward to, so keep checking the site for updates in the next month
Finally, even though we have more cases then we've had in the past, we are definetly still in need of other places to investigate desperately so if you know of anywhere we could investigate please help us out and email us or IM us with your suggestions, All reasonable requests will be accepted!!!....


this is myspace if you need sum info on me for any reason.... : )

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: email if needed