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These are all of the investigations and evidence found by the NVGH and NOVA GT

Ashland Woods
Time:     8-10pm
date:     December 21 2005
investigators:   Andrew, John D, Robert, Justin
personal expierences:
950 pm: Justin and Andrew feel weird instinct of someone watching them
900pm: small orb detected on video camera floating by and appeared to be emiting its own light
Case #2
Assateague Cemetary
Date:April 16(Easter) 2006
investigators: Andrew, John D, Justin, Ryan B
personal expierences:
815pm: weird noise that sounded like a tapping on one of the gravestones when Andrew and John were laying down the tape recorder
945pm: cobweb sensation comes over Andrew while picking up the video camera near the end of the inestigation, "went away as fast as it came.."
Audio Evidence:
909pm: Chilling audio EVP captured on video camera...(a ghost voice saying "who is this")
Video Evidence:
924pm: Strange light makes a glass breaking sound and goes out within seconds..
Case #3
Return to Assateague Cemetary
Date:May 19 2006
investigators: Andrew, John D, Justin, Ryan B
Personal Expierences: 
945pm: Justin and Ryan get a spike on the emf meter after asking the evp question "if there is anyone here give us a sign"
Audio Evidence:
9:50 **Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!**
 At end of EVP session, after the question, "finally if there is anyone here and you need to tell me anything tell me now", then you hear a quick pause then ...a long drawn out "hide"
Older Womens voice, "Who is it"
You hear a bang, then justin talk, then a faint little boys voice "hey there"
what sounds like justins voice,but then you hear his voice far away and this evp is close up....its the small boy saying a long whispering "hi"
10:43:25 **Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!**
what sounds like whispers and a conversation then you hear a deep mans, almost demonic, saying "Alone..(then a louder,more angry)..ALONE"
deep mans voice, saying a long drawn out..."Yessssss"

Video Evidence:
Case #4
Abandoned Farm/Hobo House on 234
Date: May 20 2006
Investigators: Andrew, John D, Justin, Chaz, Chris, Ken
Personal Expierences:
Andrew tells everyone to sit still, be quiet and turn off their lights, slighty after this andrew hears a voice clear as day behind him say..."Its Creepy"
John and Chris feel as if they are being watched from up the hill when they are sitting on a log on the bottom of the hill
Andrew is "touched" by a ghost on the shoulder when passing a tree that was picking up high emf spikes..
As everyone packs up whispers are heard from the woods just about 5 feet away from where everyone is..
Audio Evidence:
1045pm **Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!**
evp is heard after tape is played back during a recording session, you hear andrew ask, "If there is anyone hear please give me a sign of your presence"
then after about 10 seconds you hear an electrified, "leave us"...then a pause then a loud ...."ALONE"
Andrew speaks about weird whispers he heard behind him then you hear a loud drawn out exhale....
John jokes about the place...then what sounds like a horse whining from far off is heard....
Video Evidence:
9:53:23 **See it under our evidence page for yourself!**
Image of a bright white figure caught after andrew doubts the place being haunted...
Case #5
The Return to the Abandoned Hobo/Farm house
Date: October 14 2006
Investigators: Andrew, Justin, Ryan G, Krystyna, John G
Personal expierences:
A Strange blue light moving across the woods is witnessed by Justin, Ryan G, and John G., though not caught on camera this expierence puzzled the new investigators as well as Justin.
While on a trip to the wreckage of what appeared to be house Andrew hears a knocking during an evp session, after asking "if anyone is here please give us a sign"
Audio Evidence:
The knocking that andrew had said he heard is heard on the video tape
9:30:50 **Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!**
While Andrew, John G and Krystyna prepare to leave the wreckage a voice is captured on video camera saying "no wait" loud and clear
9:50pm **Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!**
After Andrew asks the question "What building was here?" during an evp session near the end of the investigation a voice is heard replying "My house...was"
Video Evidence:
Case # 6
3rd trip to the Farm/hobo house
Time: 730-10pm
Date: October 28 2006
Investigators: Andrew, Justin, Chris, Ryan G, Ross, Krystyna, John G, Sara, Susan
Personal Expierences:
Strange shadow is seen moving up hill towards road, this strange phenomena was viewed by Justin, Ryan G, Ross, and Susan.
Audo Evidence:
After the statement we do not believe you are here a strange voice is heard saying "hello....."
Justin states that he heard his name being called, you can faintly hear this on the audio recorder
9:12:06***Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!***
Perhaps the most impressive evp of the investigation, a voice saying "ahhhhh...CHRIS!"
Justin goes in search of the shadow and gets a strange evp after asking, "are you to scared to show yourself?" then you hear what sounds like a type of snicker or mock
Video Evidence:
A weird flash of light occurs on camera after asking a question 
Case #7
Weems-Botts Museum
Date: November 18 2006
Investigators: Andrew, Justin, Ryan G., Ross, Ali, John G.
Personal Expierences:
 Andrew expierences static noise suddenly in his ear while walking around upstairs in Violets room.
Andrew, Ali, Ryan, Ross all expierence a young womans voice whining on the steps to Mimi's room.
In violets room, random emf spikes of around 1.5-2.2 (average emf is about  0.1-0.4) these emf spikes also correlated with strange hot spots found on the infrared thermometer of around 70-80 degrees farhenheit when the average air temp was 60 degrees. 
Audio Evidence:
Voice heard mocking Andrew saying "and we have" or "and you have" after he says "we have left this room alone for awhile"
Woman's voice saying "come" or possibly just humming.
Female tone sounding like it was whining that is backed by the personal expierence of hearing the whining.
2:00am ***Hear both under our evidence page for yourself!*** 
A womans voice is heard saying "uhuh" or something and then 20 seconds later says "Justin".
A woman whispering something with 3 syllables.
3:45-3:46 ***Hear it under our evidence page for yourself!***
By far the best piece of audio, it has been time stamped that no one was in the house at the time of this recording and this is what appears to be an entire conversation caught on tape, most is hard to make out since it sounds distant, however it is definetly at least 2 or 3 voices speaking to each other. 
Video Evidence:

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